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Image description: a grid of four images. First: a title card saying, “crip big bang.” Second:  a screencap of Pierce Hawthorne from Community smiling and giving the thumbs up. Third: a screencap of Annie Edison smiling sympathetically. Fourth: a screencap of Abed Nadir smiling slightly at Troy.

Welcome to our first weekly check-in post! 

Here you can gab with other participants about your progress (or lack thereof), your plans (uh, or lack thereof), or how totally jazzed you are about this challenge.

And to kick things off in style, let's use this post to give each other prompts/ideas for stories. Prompts can be fandom or character specific (i.e., "Community - Abed is fired from his own webseries based on Greendale") or general (i.e., Any - character is fired from their job). You don't have to be signed up as an author to give prompts. (Hint: readers and artists, leave prompts of what you'd like to read/claim; an author might pick your idea!) Later, I'll make a big masterpost of all the prompts from here and our comms on LJ and Tumblr.

Note: please don't use animated gifs in your comments. They can trigger seizures.


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