May. 17th, 2014

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My fic is about The Hunger Games' Annie Cresta (canon PTSD, interpreted as autistic). It's a canon divergence AU. It's about Annie, her relationship with Finnick, and their polyamorous adventures with Glimmer and Cato. It's set around a rebellion against the Capitol. There's a third two-victor couple, Katniss and Gale, that is not part of the swingers' club.

I liked someone's autistic headcanon for her, being mildly autistic myself, and wrote her somewhat as a female version of me.

I read a great Gale/Katniss/Peeta fic and was inspired to write THG polyamory with a different group. I came up with some mother/daughter, father/son and sister/sister but wanted something where they were all unrelated, and thought of this.

It’s out there, but I’m willing to try something unusual, and find it an interesting side of Annie. Also, I feel the more conventional aspects of the story make it work well with or without the wild sex.

Career Alliance, a sequel to Only One Fish In My Sea (
Annie POV of my Gale's Hunger Games series (, specifically most of Book 2 Fanning The Flames ( and some of Book 3 Soldier Hawthorne (which I haven't started yet).

I've discussed this via tumblr ask, and have been told:
Sequel is OK as long as it's standalone
AU is OK as long as it doesn't change the main character's disability status.
I can discuss plans as long as I don't post ahead of time.


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